Zach Babcock: Keep the Promises that you Make with Yourself

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are thrilled to have with us Zachary Babcock, CEO of Alpha Podcasting Association and Founder and Host of Underdog Empowerment Podcast. After going through a lot of traumatic experiences as a 9-year-old kid and being put in a Psych ward by his own mother, the situation made it worse. It drove him to do extreme things and resulted in consequences that made him spend years in jail. After doing time in prison, Zach eventually turns his life around, but life was not easy for an ex-convict, who had a hard time finding work. Being a warrior at heart, Zach manages to fight his way into the podcast world and becomes a top-rated podcaster on Apple.

Today, Zachary Babcock is helping other entrepreneurs dominate the podcast world through his world-class podcasting system. These and more!

Tune in to this episode!

In This Episode:

[3:10] Who is Zach Babcock, and how he started podcasting?

[8:00] What brought him to where he is today?

[11:30] Significant changes happened to Zach during MDMA journey.

[19:50] How is this impacted Zach’s life professionally?

[25:17] Episode Takeaway.

Important Quotes:

“You’re going to get pushed back. And of course, there’s going to be people that are scared of doing this that are going to try to attack you for doing it, because they’re projecting on you and they don’t want to go face their own shit.”

“I’m a warrior at heart. I’m a warrior, and that’s who I am, and that’s always going to have its place right, but I’m learning. I’m healing myself.”

“Work is always going to be there but my kids aren’t always going to be this young.”

“The most impact you’re ever going to make in this world is at home; in keeping your home in order.”

“You keep those small promises that you make to yourself, and that’s how you build that trust with yourself and keep your word with yourself.”

“Focus on only the shit that you can control.”

About The Guest:

After doing over 5 years in prison to building a 6 figure business. He learned a few things about branding and passive income. Most importantly he knows what it’s like beating the odds.

Zachary Babcock is the creator of Underdog Empowerment, a resource designed for alpha entrepreneurs to help win by building a celebrity brand and explosive business.






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