Yasir Ali: The Evolution of Cybersecurity

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are honored to have with us Yasir Ali, Founder of  Polymer-Data Loss Prevention for SaaS- a system designed to detect, classify and protect sensitive data over SaaS (Software as a Service), allowing MDM (Master Data Management) programs to remove the blind spots.

Yasir Ali recounts his journey growing up in Pakistan and how he landed in the USA, became a computer programmer and ended up building his own company. He will also disclose the setbacks he had in the past that affected him economically. Yasir also tells the importance of empathy among your peers. These and more!!

Tune in to this episode!!

In This Episode:

[1:53] What does Championship Leadership mean to Yasir?

[2:22] Who is Yasir Ali, and what brought him to where he is today?

[6:25] Leaders that have influenced him.

[9:33] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[12:10] A turning point of his life.

[17:58] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship leadership is building a team that believes in purpose and driving people from different backgrounds and different socioeconomic and age groups working towards the same goal.”

“I end up realizing there are only so many materialistic things you can kind of keep yourself entertained with over time. “

“Policy is one of the biggest determinants for most people not moving ahead in life, in business, especially.”

“People are arrogant in most cases around the realities of where randomness affects us and you have to be much more humble in terms of accepting that.”

“Try to minimize the time you spend on things which are tedious.”

About The Guest:

Currently: Founder PolymerHQ-a No Code Data Loss Prevention for 3rd Party SaaS Platforms to limit sensitive data exposure via autonomous remediation, redaction and insider threat monitoring. Get started in minutes at https://www.polymerhq.io
Previously: Founder DVega-Enterprise Data & Tech Consulting | Mortgage Bond Trader | Developer

* Designed or built solutions using the following tech stack:
VBA, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Global IDs, Python, Tableau, Alteryx, Trifacta, Paxata, Salesforce, Oracle, Sybase, Salesforce, Intex, Web Applications, Informatica, Datameer, Lavastorm, Qlikview, Qliksense, Axiom, Graph Databases.





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