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Nashville, TN

August 19-22

December 2-5

“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

What Past Attendees Have To Say...


I know you’re already a leader.

I know you did your time

I know how much blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into being the man or woman you are today

But when you lay in bed at night...

Staring up at the ceiling with a lump in your throat thinking about tomorrow…

You can't escape the fact that tomorrow needs a better you.

You know you’re still holding back.

You’re still waiting to unleash the leader within.


That means there's more of you to give. I was in the exact same spot so no judgement.

But just in case you have any lingering doubts...

Let’s get on the same page:

How Important Is Leadership
In Business And Life?

You and I both know it’s everything.

Without strong leadership, a business has no chance of real success.

A business can grow only to the level of leadership inside of it… All the glitzy marketing and systems in the world won’t save a company with bad leadership.

Being a leader today is more important than it ever was. It’s easy to be a great leader when everything is going well… Yet most people don’t prepare for hard times when things are going well.

Warriors always train to prepare for war.

And war is here.

The “Easy” Ride Is Over
It’s Time To Really Step Up

So if leadership is so important, then why is everybody focused on leads, sales, and the magic pill of the day?

Because we’re impatient. We want it all and we want it yesterday.

That’s why business owners spin their wheels and stay in the same place for years.

Cash comes from character, not the magic marketing strategy of the day.

Too many people are focusing on the shiny stuff… the quick fixes… I’ll tell you right now, there is only one true shortcut to growing your business: Unleashing the true leader within.

You’ve paid your dues and now it’s time to collect.

Want to really stack cash? Pile on leadership skills and the cash almost stacks itself.

Becoming A Better Leader Is The Fastest
Way To Grow Your Business And
Show Up For Your Family

These marketing guys will tell you exactly what you want to hear to buy their next little course or seminar or coaching thing. As if the next strategy or tactic will magically transform your business.

You know that’s bullshit. You ran that experiment too many times. You know there’s something WITHIN YOU that needs to come out… not something external to save you.

You save yourself. You are the hero. Not the guru or the next product.

If only everyone knew what you and I know deep down: A foundation of leadership is the real secret to success

Without a foundation built on leadership, the house will always crumble.


The Real Secret To Business
Leadership Is Self Leadership

Bad internal leadership = bad external leadership.

Lead yourself and people fall in line by your example. When you walk your talk, you get respect on a level you never knew possible.

Learning how to lead yourself in a new way will virtually autocorrect family, and business issues because you aren’t trying to be a leader, you ARE a leader.

The fastest way to be a better leader?

Expert leadership training.

But most people don’t know the best leadership training is always taught through situational immersion.

You can’t watch videos.

You can’t read a leadership book sitting on the toilet and takeover the world.

You can’t learn kung fu alone in your living room. You’ll look like a fool and knock over the plants.

Leadership is improved by DOING.

That’s why I’m inviting you to come to Nashville on August 19 or December 2.

Yes, I know that’s coming up soon and there’s a million reasons to say no. But you only need one good reason to say fuck it, and just do it.

Maybe that reason is your family. Maybe it’s your team. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of the world we live in and you can’t bear to not be 100% prepared to protect the ones you love.

I’m inviting you to a leadership experience like you’ve never seen before. This is cutting edge immersion training.

We are redefining leadership training… Nobody can touch us because we are changing the game with rapid leadership development through on-site immersion experiences.


The 4 Day Experience

What You'll Get Out Of The Experience

Develop Championship Leadership Skills

The Power To Lead Under Stress & Pressure Will Change Your Life Forever


Life is leadership.

In business, in families, in communities... Your ability to create the results you want and make an impact in your world is directly tied to your ability to lead under pressure.

As an entrepreneur, employer, manager, trainer, or parent... you need the capacity to lead under pressure. To communicate when the outcome is in the balance and time is of the essence. Almost anyone can lead when things are calm. Championship leaders step and take control amid the storm of life and lead their team, their people, their family safely through.

This event will give you several experiences and opportunities to step up your game as a natural and powerful leader in a way that no seminar, course or information ever could.

Master Your Message & Marketing

Learn From Experts On Branding, Video, Podcasting, And Marketing To Take Your Business And Influence To The Next Level.


The power of an experience like this and inside of coaching is accessing the experience and knowledge of others doing what you want to do and living the life you want most to live.

Im bringing in the Industry experts when it comes to creating a top ranked podcast, producing video and messaging that creates Celebrity, Expert, Authority (CEA) status, and building a brand that matches the magnificence of who you already are.

I've invested the money and created the relationships already with these badasses so that you can benefit from my investment over the past decade.

Forge Mental Toughness

Most People Quit When It Gets Hard. Champions Know That's The Time To Rise.


To be great, you have to be strong... especially in your mind.

More dreams are killed by the decision to quit than by any other set of outside factors. Champions win because they know how to control their mind and step up their game when everyone else begins to fade.

During the 4 Day experience, we will show you how to control your mind, stay present, and focus on the task at hand. These real-world experiences will then translate into mental toughness in your daily life as you deal with opposition, conflict, crisis, chaos, and criticism.

We will help you get your mind toughened up for all of life's battles.

Increase Physical Capacity

Your Body Is An Amazing Machine. We'll Show You What It's Really Capable Of.


Your body is your tool do work, your weapon to fight the fight, your temple to house your mind and spirit. Once you learn to control your body and use it to its full capacity, brand new levels of awareness and performance will open up to you in every other area of life as well - finances, relationships, and spiritual alignment, and more.

Navy Seals are famous for pushing the human body 20Xs what most people believe to be possible. We won't push you that hard, but we will push you.

We are experts at individualizing every evolution to accommodate and to push every person safely, but firmly beyond their current level of performance in their physical body. Get ready to work, to push, and to feel exhilaration unlike anything you've ever felt before.

Create Lifelong Friends

An Event This Transformational Will Create Deep Relationships From The Group


This is not a seminar. It's an experience. You will go through this with others in the group that will quickly become close friends. The event quickly breaks down social barriers.

Physical stress will quickly move you past your normal defenses and facade and have you showing up real and open. In this state, you will quickly create connections and deep appreciation for others and you will share in the experience of real transformation and growth.

Many of my greatest friends are those I've met while doing an endurance event together. It will be the same for you and your group as you come together as one.


Coach Nate Bailey

Coach Nate is also known as "LT. Bailey" due to his commitment to serving our country in the United States Army. As a Platoon Leader during the Operation Iraqi Freedom, Nate was charged with the safety and leadership of 40+ soldiers as they served our country in Kuwait.

Nate has a simple philosophy on life - "live you what you teach." This motto truly makes Nate a "one-in-a-million" coach and implementer. Nate sees what needs to be done and he does it. He pushes his teams to the max and he makes sure he's always leading from the front by pushing himself one step beyond.

nate coach

Michael Lush

Michael Lush is a 20-year veteran of the lending/banking industry. Michael started off as a loan officer in the sub-prime mortgage industry and quickly rose the corporate ranks of one of the largest publicly traded lenders in the country. Money and success came in fast and MUCH fun was had! However, as basically a kid earning multiple six-figures, I never learned how to grow and protect money. I spent money as fast as it came in on liabilities instead of assets. Did I mention it was a LOT of FUN?!?!
Then came the real estate meltdown and it was as if someone turned the lights off to the mortgage industry. It happened literally overnight! On my birthday in 2007, the company that paid me so well for so long filed bankruptcy and laid everyone off. Talk about a painful lesson. But it was a lesson nonetheless. That company didn't stay down for long and raised capital from a Hedge Fund to be resurrected. I didn't waste any time and quickly formed a relationship with the Managing Principal of that Hedge Fund in an effort to get inside his circle of influence.
It was in 2009 on a day this massively wealthy individual shared with me how rich people borrow money and described mortgages as selling financial crack to middle America. He explained a far more efficient form of finance that trumped mortgages. I was in disbelief and set out on a journey to explore and master this technique. I first implemented the strategy for myself because seeing is believing right? Well, it worked...BIG TIME! Then I had an idea. Give up mortgages and start teaching this to the millions of folks looking for an edge. The rest is history. I formed a company that now serves over 5,000 clients with a goal to reach another 10,000 in 2021 alone. It's literally a financial game changer for many Americans and it can no longer be held as a secret.
chris robinette

Chris Robinette

Paul Halme is a former stockbroker turned entrepreneur. He built a six figure offline business and a seven figure online business.
But where he shines is helping people with their finances. He built an easy to follow system to show you how to create passive income without having to make any extra money.
He is a 2x best selling author and works to make the complex easy. Level up your finances to build a plan to financial freedom!


Coach Floyd McLendon Jr.

Floyd is a 25 year veteran of the United States Navy and a former Navy SEAL - the most elite fighting group on the planet. He applied for Navy SEAL BUD/S training (the world's most demanding qualifying school) when he didn't even know how to swim.
Floyd rang the bell three times, quitting during his first attempt at BUD/S. It was due to an internal illness. 15 months later, he returned to BUD/S and graduated with Class 254.
Since then, Floyd has served his country in the most Godforsaken war zones on the planet and dedicated his life in service to our great country, defending us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Give Us 96 Hours And We'll Change
Your Damn Life Guaranteed

But I have to warn you...

This is not for broken people who need saving.

If you’re not a leader already, stay home.

I’m not here to wake you up. I’m here to unleash the elite leader inside you. If you’re broken, put yourself together first. We don’t throw out life rafts here, we sharpen swords.

The ULW Experience will sharpen your leadership sword.

What Will I Be Doing In
Nashville For Four Days?

When you apply for more information and reserve your spot for the event, I’ll tell you all about the schedule of activities on our phone call.

Part of our secret is leadership simulations under pressure.

We’ll test you when you are tired. We’ll test you when you are stressed. We’ll simulate the moments when your team and family will need you the most.

Our rapid immersion through simulation method is a safe and fun way to induce a real transformation in your leadership skills literally overnight. My program is unique and works extremely well as you can see from the videos and testimonials.

Here’s What To Do Next

You’re going to decide right now this is something you want to do for yourself.

I know life is busy… family, work, appointments, fires to stamp out. It’s probably stressful to imagine all you’d have to move around and do just to sneak away for four days…

I hear you. I’ve been there. And I know that is exactly the reason you need this.

Take time out of your business and do this for yourself.

Investing in yourself is investing in your business and your family. Put on your oxygen mask first so you can help everyone else with theirs.

If you have kids, you already know how important it is to take time away as a couple. Same goes here - it’s so important to take time away from your business and family in order to get some breathing room.

Focus. Recharge. Light the flame. Fuel up so you can show up. Be selfish so you can be selfless.

The cost to attend is very fair.

This is no time to be timid or fearful. No time to make excuses. Get your ass down here to Dallas and meet your new friends and mentors.

This is a four day Championship experience. I’m only accepting 20 people to this event, are you brave enough to be one of them?







You can see from all the feedback, this is the real deal.

You can trust this process.

Most importantly, you can trust yourself. Throw caution to the wind, book a plane ticket, and just make it happen without excuses.

The cost of not doing this is too high.

Trust me, all the years I’ve been doing this I never had a single student regret coming. Not one student in 7 years has left his family and business for four days and some emergency happened.

They’re fine without you for four days. You’d be surprised how relieved they are for you to get out of their hair for a few days.

Apply now. Do it now. Tell me who you are. I receive all applications personally and choose the people I feel will best fit the group. If I choose you, you know you’ll fit right in without worry or fear.

Send in your application and I’ll reach back out to set up a call to answer your questions and hopefully get you signed up. You don’t have to commit until we talk on the phone. I’ll be there to answer all your questions.

Do it now and get the ball rolling because time is running out.

And get excited!

If you're a competitive, driven, committed person and you know you want more, and you know there is a much bigger game to play, a much bigger purpose for your time here on earth...

Then this is going to be one of the coolest experiences of your life. It’s time for a last minute adventure. It’s time to rock out in Dallas with us

- Coach Nate

P.S. The “bitch ass” part of your mind will keep wanting to talk you out of this even though you really want to do it. Tell those nagging and sad excuses to take a long hike off a short cliff. Leaders do whatever it takes.

Watch This Video Now!


Nashville, TN

August 19-22

December 2-5

This event will dramatically increase your ability to lead, communicate, and handle anything and everything life throws your way. Packed full of Leadership, Branding, Messaging and Marketing, with conversations around how to make your relationships work while still producing in business at a very high level. Specifically designed to push you past your current capacity and on to new levels of performance, clarity, and purpose in all areas. Led by coaches and experts that are leaders in their industries. Join us!