ULW Experience: J.D. “Danny” McCabe

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast J.D. “Danny” McCabe talks about his ULW experience, his book: The third Gift, the lessons, becoming a better leader and connections he made going through ULW experience.

In This Episode:

[3:18] The Third Gift
[5:29] His book and its impact.
[9:44] His ULW experience.
[14:48] Takeaways

The Guest:

J.D. “Danny” McCabe grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as the middle child of a very large family.

From an early age, he was independent and a practical realist. This first-time author began writing his diary as a historical journal of events in the demise of his marriage that evolved quickly and came without context. 

Danny was encouraged to share this personal and unbelievable voyage in rediscovering himself by the many people who witnessed and heard about his journey first hand. He is blessed with two beautiful adult children. J.D. resides in the Charleston, SC area.



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