Travis Mash: Motivating, Inspiring, And Leading Others In All Areas Of Your Life

  • Championship leadership is to motivate and lead others in all areas of your life, and being willing to get into the trenches and show everyone that you are willing to do the work.
  • Surround yourself with those who are committed to winning.
  • Do not be afraid of taking wise, thought-out risks.
  • Great leaders are definitely born, but they get even better over time.
  • Support the goals of your kids and don’t discourage a dream if it’s difficult to achieve. Encourage them to do what’s required.
  • If you don’t inspire anyone in your victory, what have you really accomplished?
    • If you do have a group of people who look to you, how are you going to impact them?
  • Look back and see where you’ve come from, and then look at the work that lies ahead.
  • You’ll need to make some difficult decisions about your team in order to have them function at peak performance.
    • If people don’t mesh with your culture, they need to go.
  • Without a team that works well together, things will not function.
  • Lead from the front and lead by example; only tell people to do something if you yourself are willing to do it.
  • Most people can love themselves, but the difficulty is loving other people.
    • A true selfless act is very rare.

Important Quotes:

“If you can’t say it you sure can’t do it.”

“What you believe you can do is what you’re going to do.”

“The last thing I want is to raise an Olympian who is a terrible human being.”

“Who do you plan on inspiring?”

“A true championship leader is going to make the hard decisions even if he or she doesn’t want to.”

“A leader does more than he or she asks others to do.”

More On Travis Mash:

Travis Mash has spent decades studying the barbell. He is one of the few people – if not the only one – to bridge the worlds of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and athletic strength and conditioning.

Travis was a World Champion and World Record Holder in powerlifting. He competed at a national level in Olympic weightlifting. He has coached professional Olympic weightlifters alongside Don McCauley and Glenn Pendlay at Team MDUSA and now coaches the most successful weightlifting team in America, Team Mash Elite.

He has coached 8-year-olds, high school athletes landing D-1 scholarships, NFL players, NBA athletes, elite powerlifters, average Joes wanting to get in shape, Olympic hopefuls, and Olympians.

No one else understands all aspects of the Strength and Conditioning better than Travis Mash. And now he is eager to share his insight with you.


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