Tom & Jen Satterly: All Secure Foundation

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast Tom & Jen Satterly talk about mindset shifts during the Covid19 pandemic, spending your time wisely, the All Secure Foundation, reaching out to family and friends during the pandemic and so much more.

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In This Episode:

  • [1:34] Guest introduction.
  • [3:51] Adapting and innovating during the covid19 pandemic.
  • [9:58] PTS.
  • [17:12] What to do with the extra time you have right now.
  • [24:37] Mindset shift.
  • [34:29] All Secure Foundation.

Important Quotes:

“Act like you have it and you don’t want to give it to somebody else.”

“Be prepared to shift directions.”

About The Guests:

All Secure Mission was born from the real life struggle Tom and Jen faced when he stepped away from a life of service after 25 years in the Army, 20 in the most elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force, and into a now unfamiliar civilian world. ​ Coping with physical, mental, and emotional pain on a daily basis created challenges and stresses that almost buried them both. ​ Their love and commitment to each other pushed them to find sustainable ways to heal themselves physically first, which gave them the strength to begin healing mentally and emotionally as well. ​ From that success came the determination to help others who struggle learn to dust off their hard won skills and apply them to living the best life possible, giving hope and purpose to the one next to them, and the next. Each one, teach one.



All Secure: A Special Operations Soldier’s Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefront

Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together

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