Todd Saylor: The Tiki Hut Retreat

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are excited to welcome Todd Saylor, an Entrepreneurial Coach, Author, and Successful Businessman. Todd highlights the significance of personal growth, spiritual development, and profitability in the journey toward becoming a successful leader.

Todd underscores the importance of having faith in oneself and in God’s provision. He shares his personal experiences and journey, from challenging times to achieving success. The interview is brimming with insights about faith, leadership, and the entrepreneurial mindset, leaving listeners inspired and motivated to pursue their goals with determination and faith. Todd’s story serves as a testament to the power of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Watch this episode and let Todd’s story inspire you!!

In This Episode:

[04:42] His winning vision.

[10:09] Who is Todd Salor, and what brought him to where he is today?.

[12:14] Todd Saylor Spiritual Walk.

About the Guest

Larger than life, do you really want to be average? A question Mr. Todd Saylor asks himself every day!
In a world consisting of defined individuals, Todd Saylor is one who does not meet the requirements to
fit into a precise description. His of way life has provided him the opportunity to assume many titles
that include Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, Business Coach, Philanthropist, Leader, Visionary, and Author,
all of which are overshadowed by his most important roles as a husband for 35 years, father and friend. Todd Saylor is a man that takes extreme pride in excelling in the form of consistent deliverance of
unmatchable effort; understanding that the art of service is less about what is being asked of you and
more about exceeding expectations.

Important Quotes:

“When we’re coaching people, you do it, you know it. They don’t know what they want. We know where to start.”

“If you create a plan and you execute it, then you will aspire to be a succession.”

“We can all win together.”




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