Tena LeBoeuf: Be A Shining Light In The Lives Of Others

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Tena LeBoeuf shares her incredible journey through many ups and downs to running her own gymnastics training center.

In This Episode:

[2:55] What comes to Tena’s mind when she thinks of championship leadership. (Be both a teacher and a student).

[4:55] How Tena started leading her gymnastics center.

[7:33] Who has impacted Tena?

[13:43] What is Tena’s vision?

[16:06] A turning point for Tena.

[26:31] The most important characteristics of a leader.

Important Quotes:

“I do have the ability to help others.”

“Consistently evolve and change.”

“You can’t be stuck in your ways.”

“I need to impact a different sort of life.”

“I now have 100% responsibility.”

“They’re more than just helping you with your business.”

“Integrity is huge.”

“You can go straight, up, left, right, or down.”

More On Tena LeBoeuf:

My name is Tena LeBoeuf and I am an entrepreneur and world traveler.  I am the owner and coach of  Idaho Falls Training Center for the last 19 years and the only coach in Idaho to have an Elite athlete and the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 as well as producing  several collegiate athletes.  I took a hiatus from my gym for 4 years and moved to Dubai, UAE from 2012- 2016 where I became a paraprofessional and taught school for American expats. During my tenure at the school, I was part of an organization that brought attention to the water crisis in Africa and thru corporate solicitation for donations, enough money was raised to construct 3 working wells that delivers clean water to more than 15,000 residents in 3 different towns.  Prior to owning my gym I was a licensed paramedic. I worked with state EMS training new personnel and  writing grants that equaled more than $350,000 in equipment for volunteer units.


Check out Tena’s website at IFGym.com!

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