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Who would you have to become to be a person of your word? If you simply became a person of your word your life would radically transform! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Who would I have to become to be a man of my word every single day? What would my life…

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nate bailey, one day at a time, legacy lifestyle, living your legacy, prorev, prorev live, big 4, holy cause

Keep your eye on the prize, take it one day at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be living your legacy life. Have you ever heard of the concept of “The One Thing”? It’s the title of a book by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. “The One Thing” is about literally that.…

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Pick up Ryan’s latest life changing book that will transform your life called “G-Code”.  Buy it here on Amazon and change your life today! To be at the top of your profession is a marker of championship leadership. Ryan got certainty and success in the mortgage business: he had a lot of experience in making…

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