Jason Redman: Overcome And Move Forward

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Jason Redman dives into his incredible story of refusing to become a victim and instead choosing to become a leader. Do you lead others as well as you lead yourself? Buy a copy of NY Times Best Selling Jason Redman’s latest book on Amazon. Click the image…

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Eddie Penney: It’s Your Life

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Eddie Penney talks about the choices you have in life, the things you can learn from everyone around you, and much more. Enjoy! In This Episode: [2:15] What does championship leadership mean to Eddie? [3:12] What has Eddie’s path been? [7:21] Building Contingent Group. [10:40] Eddie’s transition…

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Brad McLeod: Rise In The Face Of Adversity

Brad associates championship leadership with college football. You know a true championship leader when you see one. Those true leaders are lacking in many places today. Brad had a serious why: he wanted to do something to make his parents proud, and he wanted a certain level of respect. Brad knew deep down that he…

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Nate Bailey, Big 4, Legacy Lifestyle, Living a Legacy Lifestyle, prorev, prorev live

It’s how you show up when things get rough that define you. A while back when I was working out, doing the CrossFit Hero WOD named after Lieutenant Michael “Murph” Murphy, one of the Navy SEALs who sacrificed their lives for their team and their country in Afghanistan in 2005, I was thinking about something…

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Don’t Just Wear It – Bear It

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Each and every day you have to make the choice to show up. But that’s just the first step… When I was in the army and I was an officer, going through officer basic course at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland in 2003, one of my teachers was a Major in the Army. This officer…

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