Complicated Doesn’t Always Equal Better

nate bailey, live your legacy, legacy lifestyle, prorev, prorev live, big 4, holy cause

No matter how amazing, or complex, or profound a planner or system promised to be, it just wasn’t what I needed. I began this project selfishly trying to put together a system and a tool that would give me the framework I had always been looking for from others but had never found. I have…

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Who Do You Have To Become To Live a Legacy Lifestyle?

Nate Bailey, legacy, living a legacy lifestyle, prorev, prorev live

Knowing who you have to become to live the legacy lifestyle is about becoming the person, inside and out that you need to be … the one who will make that commitment every single day. As I’ve been writing these blogs over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking back to the experiences that I’ve had…

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What Is Your Holy Cause?

Nate Bailey, Holy Cause, Legacy Lifestyle, Living a Legacy Lifestyle, prorev, prorev live

Your “Why” is your Holy Cause. No matter what your “Why” is. Holy Cause is a concept and term that I first heard from a great friend and mentor of mine, Setema Gali Jr. It’s the reason and purpose in our life that drives us to do the work that is required to stay ruthlessly committed…

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