Fulfillment and Achievement, Do You Recognize the Difference?

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Are your achievements leading you to a life of fulfillment, or are you simply achieving to achieve? I was recording Episode 5 of my podcast Championship Leadership with one of my coaches and good friends, Joe Williams, the other day and the topic came up of fulfillment versus achievement. I had not put much thought to the…

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Sometimes Less Is More

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It’s important to do the work that is required, but not burning out in the process matters, too. Read on to learn why sometimes less really is more. Often, I talk to people who feel like they aren’t succeeding in life or business because they aren’t doing enough. They are burning the candle at both…

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Who Do You Have To Become To Live a Legacy Lifestyle?

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Knowing who you have to become to live the legacy lifestyle is about becoming the person, inside and out that you need to be … the one who will make that commitment every single day. As I’ve been writing these blogs over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking back to the experiences that I’ve had…

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Quitting Just Isn’t An Option

Nate Bailey, Legacy Lifestyle, Living a Legacy Lifestyle, Big 4, Holy Cause, Prorev, Prorev Live

You can program yourself to become ruthlessly committed. And it’s easier than you may think.  As some of you may know, I participated in the SEALFIT Kokoro event a few years ago. For those of you who have no idea what Kokoro is, or what SEALFIT is, it’s a 50-hour crucible put on by Mark Divine.…

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Because I Choose To

nate bailey, legacy lifestyle, living a legacy lifestyle, big 4, prorev, prorev live

I am living life on my terms. And you can too! Why run 50k’s? Why SEALFIT Kokoro? Why Ironman or 100-mile ultra races? Why bike across America? Recently I was asked why I do these extreme – and to many, incomprehensible – physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Most don’t understand and need a reason WHY. One…

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What Does It Mean To Lead A Legacy Lifestyle?

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What Legacy are you creating in your life right now?  We often get caught up in the day to day minutiae of our lives. We grind and hustle. We try to chase the almighty dollar hoping that at the end of the day the effort we put in is enough. More often than not, we…

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Paul Mort: Suffering Is Completely Optional

Championship is an aim of winning, and leadership is setting an example for those who choose to follow. For most men leadership means how hardcore you can make something. However, Paul thinks that needing to suffer to be a good leader isn’t necessary. Paul got through all his challenges through the mindset that struggling is…

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Nate Bagley: Be A True Leader In Your Marriage

If you’re the leader of champions you set an example for EVERYONE to follow. Nate wants to rid the world of mediocre love; he wants to promote the kind of love that gets you up in the morning and makes you excited to be with someone every single day. The Voice will come to you…

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Ryan Stewman: I First Realized I Was A Leader In The …?

Pick up Ryan’s latest life changing book that will transform your life called “G-Code”.  Buy it here on Amazon and change your life today! To be at the top of your profession is a marker of championship leadership. Ryan got certainty and success in the mortgage business: he had a lot of experience in making…

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Details Matter – Lessons from the Kettle 100

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Not paying attention to details can derail even your best efforts. For those of you who are just joining us, I competed in the Kettle 100 in June, and although I didn’t finish, I wanted to share a very important lesson I learned during that race. You see, things were going really well. I was…

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Beware Of The Kryptonite

You cannot create a life that never has conflict or hardships. Believing that is possible will end up hurting you in the long run. “Leaving it all” and “having it all” are phrases and concepts that seem to have major traction in today’s society and culture. Unfortunately, I think that the perceived definition of these…

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Nate Bailey, Big 4, Legacy Lifestyle, Living a Legacy Lifestyle, prorev, prorev live

It’s how you show up when things get rough that define you. A while back when I was working out, doing the CrossFit Hero WOD named after Lieutenant Michael “Murph” Murphy, one of the Navy SEALs who sacrificed their lives for their team and their country in Afghanistan in 2005, I was thinking about something…

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