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Nate Bailey, legacy, living a legacy lifestyle, prorev, prorev live

Knowing who you have to become to live the legacy lifestyle is about becoming the person, inside and out that you need to be … the one who will make that commitment every single day. As I’ve been writing these blogs over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking back to the experiences that I’ve had…

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Nate Bailey, Legacy Lifestyle, Living a Legacy Lifestyle,

And still felt like a failure… I live a very goal-oriented, outcome-based life. That applies to what I call the Big 4 areas of my life (Physical, Spiritual, Relational, Financial). In March of 2018, as I was preparing for a very challenging physical event in September of this year, I decided that I would sign up for…

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nate bailey, legacy lifestyle, living a legacy lifestyle, big 4, prorev, prorev live

I am living life on my terms. And you can too! Why run 50k’s? Why SEALFIT Kokoro? Why Ironman or 100-mile ultra races? Why bike across America? Recently I was asked why I do these extreme – and to many, incomprehensible – physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Most don’t understand and need a reason WHY. One…

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nate bailey, legacy lifestyle, live a legacy lifestyle, big 4, prorev, prorev live,

Not paying attention to details can derail even your best efforts. For those of you who are just joining us, I competed in the Kettle 100 in June, and although I didn’t finish, I wanted to share a very important lesson I learned during that race. You see, things were going really well. I was…

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