Zach Hughes: What’s Your Number One Goal In Life?

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Zach Hughes shares his story from joining the military after college as a Green Beret, getting too injured to continue in the military, and how he found success afterwards when he had to reinvent himself. Enjoy! In This Episode: [2:01] What does championship leadership mean to Zach?…

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Focus on Today to Prepare for Tomorrow.

nate bailey, focus, fous on today to prepare for tomorrow, integrity, plan, be prepared

Focus on what you can control TODAY so you are prepared for what you can’t control TOMORROW. We control our reactions to our thoughts, and to the behavior of others. We control our daily actions – working out, reaching out, making the call, the food we eat, etc. We control what we do every single day,…

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Focus on You: Stop Trying to be Everything to Everyone

nate bailey, focus, focus on yourself, big 4

Focus on your own goals. No one else is going to make your dreams come true. That’s on you and you alone. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. That’s a fool’s errand. You are never going to reach your goals if you spend all of your time and energy trying to be everything to…

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