Stu Massengill: Finding Direction

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast Stu Massengil talks about his podcast Finding Direction Podcast, his journey to finding his purpose, why it’s important to investing in yourself and so much more.

In This Episode:

  • [1:47] What does championship leadership mean to Stu?
  • [2:50] Who is Stu Massengill and what brought him to where he is today?
  • [7:56] His podcast.
  • [13:56] Leaders that have influenced him.
  • [16:20] His vision, future plans and impact he wants to make.
  • [19:22] A turning point inside of his life.
  • [23:35] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Invest in yourself.”

“Our most valuable asset in life is our self”.

About Stu Massengill:

National Trainer and Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins, the #1 success coach on the planet.

As one of Tony’s top trainers, I am on a mission to serve others with the strategies that have helped Tony Robbins scale his 55 companies to do $6 Billion in combined annual sales. I am a huge believer that the only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves. I work with people to help them break through any limitations so they can create the life they truly desire and create real, tangible results.

I am proud to call myself a person of integrity and someone who genuinely wants to serve others in the greatest way possible. I love to push myself and test the limits of “anything is possible.” If you would like to know how my services can help your company make a difference, please reach out via email (



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