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(Top/Mid/Operational Management) 1 Hr 

  • Lead Yourself First - Be the person that when you say it will be done, others can count on it before it’s done.
  • Know Your People - Others actions tell the story of the Leader that you are way more than words.
  • Be The Example - Be up to Big things and Live what you Teach and Preach to others.
  • Emulate Other Championship Leaders - Find others around you that inspire you and motivate you to be better than you were the day before.
  • Clear Vision With Focus On Today - Be present, right here right now, Live today to the fullest.
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(Top/Mid/Operational Management) 1.5 - 2 Hr

  • Listening is crucial.  There are also major distinctions between a listening of others, listening to others and how what isn't said and is observed plays into listening.
  • Agreements vs. Expectations - Expectations lead to disappointment and resentment 99% of the time.  Learn how to create a powerful culture through communication of agreements.
  • Championship Communication Model - Learn the 5 ingredients of Championship Communication and how to easily implement these into your team or organization.
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(Top/Mid/Operational Management) 1 - 1.5 Hr

  • Championship Culture defined.
  • Culture is all about the people.
  • Constant self and performance assessment.
  • Bottom up leadership with top down responsibility and accountability.
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(All Levels) 1 - 3 Hr

  • 100 Mile Mindset defined.
  • What's required to create a 100 Mile Mindset culture.
  • How to create a 100 Mile Mindset individually and inside your teams.
  • Journey vs. destination.
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(All levels) 1.5 Hr

  • Power defined and why everything is about power inside your organization.
  • Simple proven 6 step process and system to create any result.
  • Detailed discussion around commitment and what is truly required to accomplish lofty outcomes.
  • Never quit, outward vision with a present focus.
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(All levels) 1 Hr

  • Why leading yourself first physically is the key to a successful life in all areas.
  • Why CEP is the new midlife crisis.
  • The 3 principles of CEP.
  • Opportunities and possibilities of leading yourself powerfully through CEP
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There is a major difference between information and implementation.  To make real change and transformation inside of your organization it takes time, accountability, outside perspective and a  championship level of communication at the core to begin to shift the needle.  My coaching is all designed to increase the speed and effectiveness at which that needle moves towards your organization's goals and objectives.

I also offer a Leadership Audit to each of my coaching clients.  I look at this as a measurement of your organization and team to get a baseline and to open up any blind spots that you may have inside your organization.  All of this is solely with the intent to optimize your organization’s performance.

I provide 3 levels of coaching.
1. 1 on 1 coaching with the CEO or Business Owner
2. Executive team coaching
3. Team level/mid level management coaching

The investment from your organization inside these levels of coaching of time, energy and money all depend on the size of your organization, speed at which you want to create change, and the overall goals and outcomes you want to achieve through the coaching process.
Because of that any discussion of fees would be situation dependent and created through a discussion with you and your organization.

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I can do training for your organization through keynote talks, 4 - 8 hour or 2 day in depth training on any of the speaking topics listed above.

I also do a very unique physical experiential leadership training that can be customized to your leadership teams needs.

This particular training specializes in leadership development, team building, communication, attention to detail, perseverance and assessment and evaluation inside real time application.  The length of this experience can be as short as 4 hours all the way up to 24 hours straight through. This is led by myself along with Floyd McLendon Jr, a 25 year Navy Veteran with 15 of those years served as a US Navy SEAL.