The Path

The Path to success is unique for each person. The Path is not a philosophy. It is not a technique or a strategy.

It\'s a proven step-by-step system for creating any result you want in your life. In this presentation, Nate challenges the audience to design a life of results, not just of idle chat. Participants will be challenged to ask some deeper questions… Do you REALLY want that? Can you feel how different life would be if you could DECLARE what you wanted - openly and honestly… and then set out on the journey to go get it. AND… do it with no shame, second-guessing and without waiting for anyway else's permission or blessing?

It is possible. It's all waiting for you. Take the first step to the life you truly want.


This 1 hour Keynote presentation is for Executives and Leaders who know that "managing" people is not enough. This is for management teams who are ready to take on the highest values of leadership and integrity. Nate challenges those people who are ready to leave their old performance levels behind and lead their teams to high-performance, high-integrity and high-satisfaction in the work they do and the difference they make.

Most presentations are designed to wow you with information and insight. But the truth is that insight without action leads to frustration and a weak character. That will not happen here.

Learn How To:

  •  Build true leaders so you can count on your team when you are not there.
  •  Quickly expose personalities or character flaws in people who just don\'t fit.
  •  Get quick buy-in to the company culture so top performers want to stay.
  •  Train your team to take responsibility, ask questions and solve problems.