Sherry Fernandez: Personal Progression towards an Infinite Potential

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are honored to have with us Sherry Fernandez, Personal Development Coach and Author of Life Mastery. Growing up in the year the 1960s, Sherry’s childhood was almost destroyed due to her parent’s divorce; nevertheless, her painful experience helped her make it through the difficult times in the coming years to come and made her stronger. In her early 20s, she suffered from a financial crisis and realized that she wanted financial freedom but needed to figure it out herself. Although it took years, Sherry finally gained the financial independence that she wanted. Their incredible journey and story of rags to riches is one to look out for.

Tune in to this episode and know more about Sherry Fernandez and her latest book, Life Mastery!!

In This Episode:

[1:42] What does Championship Leadership mean to Sherry?

[4:35] Who is Sherry Fernandez, and what brought her to where she is today?

[8:24] Leaders that have influenced her.

[10:28] Her vision, future plans, and the impact she wants to make.

[11:59] A turning point of her life.

[16:54] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship leadership is like servant leadership.”

“I did enjoy the process, because it gave me a chance to really deepen the things that I teach to put in words.”

“And I thought so. Anybody can be successful. Why can I? I just have to find out how.”

“Never hire a trainer that is financially broke.”

“I’m it for better things. I’m going to go after it.”

“We probably had more time to wander than we should have.”

“Being stuck is unhappiness.”

“Start with one or 2 habits that you want to develop and do them faithfully.”

“Happiness comes from moving forward.”

“Just start somewhere.”

About The Guest:

I am a motivator and an educator and I derive the greatest joy from helping people develop their potential and succeed in life. I began the study of personal development forty years ago. My husband and I are a rags to riches story and we achieved what we did through the continual education and application of the things we learned. For 30 years I have been an instructor and speaker to youth and adults on personal development topics such as goal setting, marriage, nutrition, fitness and living an elite lifestyle. Ten years ago I began developing my own coaching program called Life Mastery. I have now put that program in writing and the book will be available in April.

There are at least two things that make my program unique. The first is that I practiced and refined the things I teach for decades before coaching other people. The second is that I provide motivation but I follow it with techniques to make success happen. It is frustrating to be motivated but not have the habits and skills to make your dreams come true.

I am very good at what I do but as the mother of six children and grandmother of twenty-one it is my family that I am most proud. It was in raising my children that I first discovered the infinite potential of a human being and the satisfaction of helping people discover their possibilities. It is these two loves, family and human development that have led me coaching and eventually putting what I know in writing.




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