Shane Pounder:

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast Shane Pounder talks about learning to listen and motivating people, being your best self, being vulnerable and getting people on your side.

In This Episode:

[3:07] What does championship leadership mean to Shane?
[4:42] Who is Shane Pounder and what brought him to where he is today?
[10:26] Leaders that have influenced him.
[14:14] His vision, future plans and impact he wants to make.
[16:40] A turning point inside of his life.
[22:10] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Don’t be afraid to lean into your strengths.”

The Guest:

Passionate and experienced Strategy, Six Sigma and Operations professional with track record of driving results in organizations. Proven ability to tackle complex problems, solving the problem through appropriate analysis and bringing together the right people. Adept at quickly assessing issues, pulling together the facts and synthesizing the information for resolution and communication. Effective leader with strong organizational agility comfortable working with executives and front line staff. Specialties include:

• Strategy – from corporate to business unit
• Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement
• Project Leadership/Project Management
• Change Management
• Organizational Assessment and Redesign
• Complexity Management
• Cross-functional team leadership




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