Shane Kidwell: Be A Grower

  • True champions are leaders.
  • True leaders are leaders by doing, not by saying.
  • A championship leader has extreme ownership.
  • If you look at a chart of your life, you will see peaks and valleys.
  • Consistency is how you can build your business.
  • Own the day, don’t let the day own you.
  • Focus on activities that can grow a powerful mind.
  • Being on the top and winning will take years to figure it out.
  • When are you going to stop being scared and just do it?
  • Do things differently, and plan for the future.
  • Be charitable through wealth.
  • More often than not being a championship leader is not fun.
  • Make one percent changes.

Important Quotes:

“You can’t be a leader without being a champion.”

“I loved it for a season.”

“I had been helping people, but no one was helping me.”

“You’re skipping over hundreds and picking up pennies.”

“I eliminated the the distractions.”

“Always continue to build and grow.”

“We can all win together.”

“If something is wrong, it’s your fault.”

More On Shane Kidwell:

Shane Kidwell is the creative mind behind dwell Mortgage. He is a full time branch manager, top 1% mortgage originator for the last 3 years (which was also his first 3 years as a full time LO), business coach, retired firefighter, and coffee enthusiast. He believes he has grown his business by practicing honesty over making an extra dollar.

He believes that dwell Mortgage is more than just a loan company. They are a lifestyle brand that builds lifelong relationships.

Prior to lending and coaching, Shane was a full-time firefighter at the busiest station on the West Coast. Shane believes that his experience as a firefighter has given him a special set of skills that he is able to bring into his businesses – from communication to face-paced yet effective work systems.

Shane still calls the Seattle area ‘home’ with his beautiful wife, Fernanda, and their amazing golden-doodles, Lola and Sophie.


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