Shame Can Keep You From Living Your Legacy

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There is no shame in wanting to live a legacy lifestyle.

I’ve noticed something recently that I want to talk about today. It’s something that I see with the people I coach, and with friends I talk to, and with the people I come into contact with almost daily. It’s shame. Specifically, shame around wanting more. Shame around wanting a better life, a better body, more money, better relationships. And it’s reached the point where I feel called to speak on it.

So many people today are stuck being ashamed for wanting a bigger life. They are ashamed to tell people, their friends, and family, even their partner that they want more. And why is that? I think part of it comes from fear. Fear of what other people will think or say. Fear of making the announcement, and then failing. But even more than that, I think people don’t want to be seen as greedy or conceited.

We all have these stories in our heads about whether or not we’re worthy of more. Worthy of success, or money, or amazing relationships. And those stories make us feel ashamed of wanting more. They make us think that we don’t deserve bigger and better. And this shame, this fear, these stories, they hold us back from taking the steps to make our dreams a reality.

But what if you could rewrite those stories? What if you could reprogram your brain not to feel shame or fear, but to feel excitement at what COULD be possible? What if we could share our dreams and desires with people without feeling shame for wanting to live our legacy? And what if, after sharing, we could show other people that they don’t need to feel fear or shame, but that they can strive to build their own legacy inside their own lives, too?

There is no shame in wanting more for your life and for your family. Wanting a successful business and more money isn’t greedy. Wanting a stronger, healthier, better body and lifestyle isn’t conceited. Wanting epic relationships isn’t a bad thing. Wanting to live your legacy every day is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, when you move past the stories in your head and start to take the actions needed to build that legacy life, you will discover that there is no room in your life for shame.

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Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash