Sabrina Stanley: Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Sabrina Stanley talks about being a professional runner, winning races, staying focused on goals and priorities, finding joy in whatever you do in life and so much more. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[5:03] What does championship leadership mean to Sabrina?

[6:04] How did Sabrina get from where she was to where she is today?

[10:43] What’s the process Sabrina does after each race?

[11:00] How Sabrina applies her experiences for each race to be better on the next race and in life?

[18:49] Who has really impacted Sabrina’s life?

[20:41] How important it is for Sabrina to influence other people?

[24:09] What training Sabrina needs to take before each race?

[32:03] What is Sabrina’s vision for herself for this upcoming year?

[34:53] Sabrina’s turning point?

[39:20] What Sabrina can leave for you to help you move forward in life.

Important Quotes:

“Knowing when you’re slacking and pushing even harder next time”

“I can always do better”

“I’m pushing 100 percent to the entire race”

“I know where I wanna be”

“Make that goal number 1”

“Stay focus on what you’re going after”

“Social media is a drug”

“Just keep climbing that ladder as high as I could”

“Finding joy in running”

“Finding joy in whatever you do”

“You need to be happy”

“Enjoy what you’re doing”

About The Guest:

Sabrina Stanley is a Professional Ultra Runner who lives in Silverton, CO. She just won her 10th ultra in a row, Diagonal des Fous, a 100-mile race with over 30,000 ft of climbing, making her the first American (male or female) to crack the top 6 in the races 27-year history. Some other noteworthy races: HURT 100 1st female 2019, Hardrock 100 1st female 2018, Western States 3rd female 2017.

Sabrina grew up in a small town in Washington State, with 5-siblings and played a plethora of team sports. Running became a passionate hobby in high school, and when she moved to Colorado as an adult, she was introduced to trail running. Her first attempt at a 100-miles in 2015 left her with her only DNF to date, after she had to drop at mile-87. This lit a fire under her. She decided that she was going to be one of the best trail runners at all costs to her social life and current career. In 2018 she was voted the 8th best American Ultra Runner of the Year and is hoping her 2019 will show a vast improvement.


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