Ryan Hawk: How Do You Respond To Adversity?

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Ryan Hawk dives into how leadership affects performance, the kinds of lessons you only learn down the road after things happen to you, building frameworks for your life, and much more. Enjoy!

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In This Episode:

[2:31] What does Ryan think of when he hears championship leadership?

[4:50] Ryan’s journey to where he is today.

[7:08] Why did Ryan start the Learning Leader Show?

[11:09] Some of what Ryan has learned from leaders in his network.

[13:53] What is the future like for Ryan?

[18:15] A major turning point inside of Ryan’s life.

[22:28] Lessons Ryan has taken and applied inside of his life.

[25:53] What Ryan can leave you with that you can implement inside of your life.

Important Quotes:

“Championship level leaders are able to lift you to levels of performance that you’ve never been to.”

“I wanted to write the book that I wish I had.”

“They were regularly learning.”

“Stop to reflect and think.”

“Oftentimes we don’t recognize lessons until farther down the road.”

“Adversity will inevitable strike.”

“Surround yourself with the right people.”

“The most impressive leaders have build frameworks for how they live and make decisions.”

About The Guest:

Ryan Hawk is a keynote speaker, author, advisor, and the host of The Learning Leader Show, a podcast with millions of listeners in more than 150 countries.  He is the author of Welcome To Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader  (McGraw-Hill, January 28, 2020).

A lifelong student of leadership, he rose to roles as a professional quarterback and VP of Sales at a multibillion-dollar company. Currently, as head of Brixey & Meyer’s leadership advisory practice, Ryan speaks regularly at Fortune 500 companies, works with teams and players in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, and facilitates “Leadership Circles” that offers structured guidance and collaborative feedback to new and experienced leaders.


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