Ruben Dua: Just Dubb It

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are honored to have with us Ruben Dua, CEO and Founder of Dubb- a company helping people in sales and marketing relay their message through the power of video. He will share his personal experience as a leader in a workplace area and tell the significance of caring to the team.

He will also dive into some childhood issues that render our growth and our capacity to advance beyond our limits.

Know more about Ruben Dua!! Tune in to this episode!!

In This Episode:

[1:48] What does Championship Leadership mean to Ruben?

[6:04] Who is Ruben Dua, and what brought him to where he is today?

[13:29] A turning point of his life.

[18:09] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship leadership is looking at your team from an equal place and appreciating them for doing the hard work.”

“Leadership to me is about accountability. It’s about giving crowd gratitude, and it’s ultimately about caring.”

 “If the team does not feel gratitude, I don’t know how anyone’s going to feel motivated.”

“They don’t care how much you know they know how much you care.”

“Trust factor is the biggest thing that we need to figure out how we can overcome because we can craft the perfect email.

“There’s a lot of failures that entrepreneurs have to go through to get ultimately to where they want to be.”

“Embrace the situation that you’re in, and find the joy in it. And believe I’m actually going to get the most I can out of this opportunity and trust in the universe.”

 “You are ultimately responsible for your path.”

About The Guest:

Hi! I’m so glad you made it here.

Overall, I am all about YOUR success, but I’ll take this opportunity to let you know a little about me.

I am the CEO and Founder of a company called Dubb. Dubb helps people in sales, marketing, and beyond improve (and monetize) their communication with the power of video. Want to see how easy it is to send simple video messages from your phone, Gmail, LinkedIn, and dozens of CRMs?

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I am also the host of a top rising podcast called “Connection Loop with Ruben Dua”. The show is an interview-style show that helps small and large business people alike improve their branding, sales, marketing and communication. I have interviewed over 200 people including some of the most notable names in the LinkedIn community.

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I am VERY passionate about helping people overcome confidence hurdles, realize true potential, and grow in a mutually beneficial way. Please connect with my on LinkedIn and send me a message!

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