Rebecca Rouse: Semper Stronger

In this uplifting series of Championship Leadership, we interviewed Rebecca Rouse, a Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of Semper Stronger, an Online Fitness Company. She will recount her journey in Competitive Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting and reveal to us how she fell in love with the process of getting stronger and building muscles.

With the challenge of the ongoing Pandemic situation, Rebecca decided to start her own Fitness coaching business to reach and impact as many people as she can and empower people to become physically and mentally stronger. These and more!!!

In This Episode:

[2:19] What does championship leadership mean to Rebecca?
[7:14] Who is Rebecca Rouse and what brought her to where she is today?
[12:35] Semper Stronger.
[22:51] Leaders that have influenced her.
[22:55] Her vision, future plans, and the impact she wants to make.
[28:13] A turning point inside of her life.
[31:40] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Everybody can benefit from having a coach, myself included.”
“I’m not the person that would rather go make things happen for myself, and I’m glad I took that road.”
“I am putting myself out there, and I’m vulnerable and transparent but don’t let that be a reason to not do something, or to not chase your dreams, or what feels authentic to you.”
“I think we’re our own biggest critics and our own worst enemy.”

About The Guest:

Rebecca Rouse is a certified personal trainer with 7 years of coaching and leadership experience in the fitness industry. She is the wife of an active duty Marine and the founder of Semper Stronger, an online fitness company focused on helping clients and members become stronger and more confident in training and in life.

 Rebecca has an athletic background in competitive gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. As a coach, she specializes in strength training and kettlebell training, and she was the 16th woman in the world to earn the Iron Maiden title through StrongFirst.

 Rebecca holds two bachelor’s degrees, as well as numerous certifications, including: 

·        NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

·        StrongFirst Kettlebell SFG II

·        USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

·        Precision Nutrition Pn1 Nutrition Coach

 Her passion is to empower others to build mental and physical strength so that they can overcome life’s challenges with confidence.




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