Ravi Abuvala: The Common Denominator Of Success

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Ravi Abuvala dives into how he went on a different path than most and found success.

In This Episode:

[2:40] What does championship leadership mean to Ravi.

[5:23] How Ravi got to where he is today.

[10:52] How all of Ravi’s businesses came together in a fairly short time.

[13:34] The impactful leaders inside of Ravi’s life.

[18:14] Where does Ravi want to be five years from today?

[24:56] The turning point inside of Ravi’s life.

[29:24] What you can implement inside of your life right now.

Important Quotes:

“You take zero credit for wins and 100% credit for losses.”

“You’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”

“Just enjoy eating shit.”

“The common denominator is just not quitting.”

“What are you going to do every single day?”

“You just have to start.”

“Start with you.”

“People are afraid of the word selfish.”

About The Guest:

Ravi Abuvala is the founder of Scaling With Systems, a business accelerator which works to systemize and scale their clients businesses leveraging S.O.Ps and overseas assistants. In the past 14 months he has created 2, 7-figure businesses as well as collectively garnered a staggering $178,000,000 in sales for his clients. He is one of the youngest brokerage owners in the United States and has been featured in Fox News, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.


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