Rachel Pedersen: Are You Okay Not Seeing The Path Ahead?

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Rachel Pedersen talks about building deep relationships, believing in yourself as a leader and business owner, and much more. Is your life right now what you want it to be? Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:47] What does Rachel think of when she thinks of championship leadership?

[6:06] How did Rachel get from where she was to where she is today?

[13:12] What did they see in Rachel?

[15:38] Who has really impacted Rachel’s life?

[19:36] What is Rachel doing in the market today?

[28:18] How hard has it been for Rachel to stay on her new path?

[32:30] How does Rachel use negative situations to drive her forward in a positive way?

[35:58] Rachel’s tips for you.

Important Quotes:

“I wasn’t ready.”

“I took a leap of faith.”

“I had no idea what was possible.”

“They instilled a belief in me.”

“Most people want to skip past organic and go right to paid ads.”

“You build deep relationships.”

“I don’t see the whole path, and I’m okay with that.”

“Do I like the way I’m showing up?”

“Everything comes back to you as a leader.”

“They’re just data points. You can change everything tomorrow.”

About The Guest:

The Queen of Social Media” – Founder & CEO of award-winning social media marketing agency The Viral Touch, Founder & CEO of Social Media United.

Rachel is a top social media marketer and consultant, worldwide viral sensation, leading authority on story-telling through social media and Facebook ads.

Rachel’s journey began in 2016 while working in her 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job. Within 6 months she replaced her income and built a clientele that she loved working with.

Rachel is also a mother to 3 beautiful children and wife to her supportive husband!


Check out Rachel’s website at RachelPedersen.com

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