Positive or Negative: How You React Matters

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How will you allow both the positive and negative events that pop up in your life to affect how you carry yourself throughout the day?

There are two types of people in the world. The type who are just negative and pissed off all the time. You know, the person who lets some little hitch in their plans ruin the whole day. They use that small situation or incident to justify their negative and pissy attitude, but the truth is they’re just being themselves. They are negative, argumentative, always frustrated, or disappointed, or just generally unhappy. And they go through life like that…not being positive as much as possible.

The second type of person looks at life through an entirely different lens. They are generally happy and optimistic. Willing and able to look for the “silver lining” in any situation. They are the kind of person who isn’t going to allow a hitch in their plans to ruin the entire day. They understand that things are going to come up because that’s real life. They know they’re going to get thrown curve balls. But instead of allowing them to make them miserable or unhappy, they deal with it at the moment and then move on.

When things come up that either don’t fit into your plan, or that may throw things off course for a moment (or longer), the way you respond is the true testament of who you are as a person. Your reaction in situations that are difficult or unexpected shows your character very clearly. The more you can prepare yourself with the reality that things are going to happen—or NOT happen—the better you can handle them when life shakes things up.

So, I want you to really think about this question. How are you going to allow both the positive and negative events that pop up in your life to affect how you carry yourself throughout the day?

When you’re leading your legacy lifestyle, you need to not only expect the unexpected but you must be willing to ride the wave calmly, knowing that no matter what happens you can handle it. Expect to be required to adapt and overcome. If you go into adverse situations thinking, bring it on. All right. Let’s go. Let’s assess, adjust, and adapt so that we can deal with this and then go about our day, you won’t be bogged down, or lose your entire day to a bad attitude and negative thinking.

Listen, the most important takeaway is knowing that curveballs are going to come at you fast. But if you can assess, adjust, and adapt, you CAN overcome those curveballs. You are the only person you have any real control over. So, if you want better, you have to do better. And that includes not allowing something small to destroy your peace of mind for an entire day or longer. You get to choose if you are going to be positive or negative. It really is just that easy.


Photo by Alex Mihai on Unsplash