Plan Your Mindset Just Like You Plan Your Week

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You can plan your mindset beforehand, and watch things run more smoothly than you could have ever hoped.

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of planning. Making a plan for your day and your week ahead of time is important if you want to truly live your legacy lifestyle. That post was about the practical “planning” that we all do on a daily basis. Who, What, When, Where. But today, I want to talk about another type of planning, for your mindset. This type of planning is equally as important, and in fact, if you don’t manage your mindset well, it will start to MANAGE YOU. What I’d have you consider, is that if we’re going to do all this practical planning in all the areas of our life we also need to plan our mindsets.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about. So let me explain. Let’s say that you know you have an event coming up the next day. It could be anything. A big meeting, a dinner, a party for one of your kids. A bodybuilding competition, or a 100-mile race. Literally anything. And let’s say that in the past when events like this come up, they have turned into much bigger work than they should have. And perhaps you didn’t handle it as well, or things didn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped they would. And maybe you didn’t react to that in the best way possible. Perhaps you got angry, or disappointed, which just made it all worse.

But what if you had made a conscious choice before going into the situation not to let those bumps in the road ruin the day? What if you had decided the night before to go into whatever the situation is with a calm and happy mindset, and you were able to detach from the actual outcome? It’s easy to fall into old habits and patterns if you aren’t aware and prepared for whatever may happen. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you already know that an event is going to be high stress, or that there are things that are still up in the air, or that there are parts that you don’t have any direct control over, you can prepare ahead of time and get your mind in the right place. You can literally PLAN your mindset beforehand.

By mentally preparing and planning ahead and getting your mindset right, you can be in a position to help instead of hurt the situation. But, If you haven’t planned your mindset going into whatever it is you have going on, chances are good you’re going to fall into your old patterns and behaviors. Patterns and behaviors that will keep you stuck, not move you forward. If they were helpful, you’d already be living your Legacy Lifestyle, instead of working to get there.

Showing up, eating clean, taking some time to leave whatever it is that’s been bothering you or bugging you behind. Planning ahead, meditating, taking some time to yourself to get clear and create some headspace allows you to come into any situation or event focused and energized. Detaching yourself, and your ego, from the outcome and being efficient and effective in the time that you have when you’re there is totally possible, you just have to plan for it. You can’t just assume that’s how it’s going to happen, without taking the steps to prepare for the outcome you desire.

Planning your mindset is just as important as planning your day. If you can get into the habit of being mindful and preparing your mind as well as your body ahead of time, you’ll have less stress; you’ll see your days begin to run more smoothly, and you’ll be well on your way to living that legacy lifestyle.

There is an incredible article that goes in depth to the fixed mindset vs. the growth mindset called “Ultimate Guide to Having a Growth Mindset (Plus FAQ!)”.  I encourage you to check this incredible article out as it aligns perfectly with my message here todya.

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