Pauline Nguyen: The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are thrilled to have with us Pauline Nguyen, International Speaker, Award Winning Author, Self-Mastery Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator. She will share an interesting story of their family’s survival from Vietnam War, overcoming childhood trauma and her triumphant way of living the life that grows spiritually.

Pauline Nguyen will also share her first-hand experience of self-mastery that helped her and her clients heal holistically. With the great desire to leave a remarkable life in this world, Pauline did a good job by demonstrating a life well lived. These and more!!

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In This Episode:

[3:46] What does Championship Leadership mean to Pauline Nguyen?

[12:09] Who is Pauline Nguyen, and what brought her to where she is today?

[27:15] What are some of the impacts she’s making?

[31:07] Episode takeaways.

About the Guest

My latest book “The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur” is a no bones, honest and forthright methodology of business, life and spiritual practice designed to disrupt standard ways of thinking, catapulting the reader into an optimistic mindset of abundance and possibility.

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“Award Winning Author, highly sought after International Speaker and one of the most grounded Spiritual Entrepreneurs around the globe.” (The Huffington Post)

Pauline Nguyen’s story is that of survival first. Escaping war-torn Vietnam as a toddler, Pauline eventually made it to Australian shores after a year in a Thai refugee camp.

Having jumped from the frying pan, Pauline was thrust into the fire – going on to suffer tremendous physical and emotional abuse until she was a young woman.

It’s this staggering adversity Pauline now refers to as her training – rising from the ashes of her trauma to become one of Australia’s most sought after development coaches, a leading entrepreneur, an award-winning author and an international keynote speaker.

Recognised as an original ‘Rare Bird’ – Australia’s top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs and included in Blackwell and Hobday’s global recognition of ‘200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World’, Pauline is nothing short of extraordinary.

Unable to be pigeon holed, the mother of two speaks and teaches from direct experience with a unique process to self-mastery, which has helped heal and uplevel thousands of her followers. Known for combining science with spirituality, the award-winning author also co-founded the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern.

Pauline is an acclaimed speaker. The spiritual leader is one of just 15 keynote speakers managed by premier direct management agency, ODE, who represent the top 15 non celebrity speakers in the world. With glittering stagecraft, Pauline’s electrifying presence has inspired thousands who have watched her take to the stage.

Using a range of modern modalities, combined with her energetic gifts and Eastern mysticism, Pauline’s skill as a group facilitator and one on one mentor – both live and online – marks her as one of the country’s most sought after business and personal development coaches. The entrepreneur combines Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, modern day Shamanism, Meta Neuro Linguistic Programming, breath mastery, meditation and movement intelligence to hack her client’s biochemistry and promote healing in unprecedented ways.

Important Quotes:

“Champions are people who don’t hesitate to express their individuality. They find whatever unique strength they have within themselves, and then they use those strengths to their advantage. Here’s the thing. They are not afraid to be disliked.”

“I want to be the best I can, so that I can make my mark in this world with everything that I do.”

“The lives we live are the lessons that we teach.”

“Leadership for me must also be about vulnerable leadership. Vulnerable leadership is the potent value, exchange of authentic expression, without the fear of what the other person thinks or what they will do.”

“Not only must I be a leader of solutions, I must also be a leader of sanity.”

“Leadership is not about being in charge as such, but leadership for me is about taking care of those in my charge.”

“I believe very strongly that everything you need is already within you.”

“Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with consciousness.”

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