Paul Mort: Suffering Is Completely Optional

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  • Championship is an aim of winning, and leadership is setting an example for those who choose to follow.
  • For most men leadership means how hardcore you can make something.
    • However, Paul thinks that needing to suffer to be a good leader isn’t necessary.
  • Paul got through all his challenges through the mindset that struggling is normal, but suffering is completely OPTIONAL.
  • Paul knows that quitting is always an option; knowing this, he’s quit a lot LESS
    • Knowing you can always turn around can get you started, and once you get started you’ll find it’s a lot better than you thought.
  • If you are authentic and honest enough to share both your wins and your losses, people naturally want to connect.
  • Paul can adjust what he does depending on what makes him happy at the time.
  • If Paul can’t find a way to love what’s required he’ll pay someone else to do it.
  • Paul looks every single day at where he’s at versus where he started.
  • The fear of rejection and failure is there, but Paul looks backwards and learns from what he’s done so as to move forward in the best possible way.
  • Every single day Paul writes down his wins for the day and that helps him to stack up on confidence.
  • Most people who own their own businesses can’t disconnect for a week; their businesses own them.
  • You ARE the real deal, and as a leader you need to have a lot of belief in yourself.

Important Quotes:

“There is no one way to lead.”

“Suffering is completely optional.”

“I can’t always do what I love, but I can always find a way to love what I’m doing.”

“Having fun is okay.”

“What makes me happy will change while I change.”

“There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

“Measure backwards and aime forward.”

“Own your business.”

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Paul Mort currently runs Unstoppable B**tards but spent his life practicing what he preached around health and fitness as a personal trainer and developing a business around his family has allowed him to help men do the same


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