Opportunity is Right in Front of You Everyday

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An opportunity for you to reach your long-desired results is waiting. You can have what you’ve always said you wanted. You just have to be willing to stay committed.

Do you recognize opportunity when it is staring you right in the face? How often have you gone through life, or watched other people go through life, ignoring the opportunity that is so close to them? Instead of taking the small daily opportunities to move ahead even a single step, we try to search for something bigger and better—the quick easy fix. So many people don’t want to take the time to grab the bull by its horns and capitalize on those small daily opportunities.

Here are some examples: Doing something sweet for your wife or girlfriend. Making a sound business decision that may not impact you immediately, but will create significant growth later. Spending time in prayer or meditation. Working out daily and eating healthy foods. Every one of these is an opportunity for growth that can have long-lasting and massive results for you. Taking advantage of these daily is what I mean when I say “keep swinging singles.”

Dedicate yourself every day to achieving those small wins. Wins that, when stacked upon each other, turn into the Legacy Lifestyle you’re working to create. I know it’s easy to overlook these small steps, but every day, little by little, bit by bit, we have to keep seizing the opportunity right there for each and every one of us.

Look at your life right now in the Big 4. You have an opportunity to get results, to acquire what you’ve always said that you wanted. You just have to be willing to stay committed and keep taking those daily actions. As you do that, you’ll continue to grow and expand to become a bigger and better person. New opportunities will always pop up. It’s your choice as to whether you’re willing to open your eyes and your mind and to truly be appreciative and recognize them for the gifts they truly are.


Photo by Neko Tai on Unsplash