One Leadership Tip: Day 99: Without VISION…The People will Perish

Without VISION…The People will Perish

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Day 99: Without VISION…The People will Perish

What is your vision? What would it take to make it a reality?

In today’s society, be it in government, business, and community, the need to have a leader with a great vision is one of the key components to navigate uncertainties and propel to success.

Being a leader goes beyond title, a powerful leader must have a VISION combined with ACTION to attract everyone around him to emulate and follow suit. A leader must also
convey his/her vision passionately to inspire people hence making sure that you work on the shared purpose.

Visions partnered with incredible courage and backed with powerful action will enable the leader to stand out among others and to encourage deeply.


Join Coach Nate as he talks about his upcoming ULW Event in North Dakota and the great leader behind this event.

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“When you have no vision, you have no clarity.”

“Without a vision people will perish, but with it people will thrive.”

Coach Nate