One Leadership Tip: Day 98: The Power of NOW…

The Power of NOW…

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Day 98: The Power of NOW…

Bil Keane, a famous American cartoonist once said ,”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” …

Do you find yourself daydreaming? Replaying past memories over and over again, and imagining future scenarios to the point of unconsciously detaching yourself from the present time.

While many of us experience daydreaming in our day-to-day life and find it beneficial, some find it as their way to escape reality, their defense mechanism in a process. Unpleasant circumstances often drive us to create these unlikely future scenarios allowing our minds to be consumed with worries and anxieties.

Too often we forget to live in the moment; we are so immersed in this deep thought of what the future might bring and in doing so we fail to recognize what matters most- PRESENT.

Liberate yourself from the past and future. Experience Life. Live now.

Join Coach Nate as he shares the value of living in the present!!!!!

Tune in now!!!!


“The power of now is being fully present on what is going on right here and right now because that is what we truly have.”

“Yesterday is gone, there is something that we can learn and pull and extract from yesterday’s failures and success.”

Coach Nate