One Leadership Tip: Day 96: Know when to STOP or Slow Down…

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“I knew it was best for me to pull the plug.” Painful as it may sound, but that’s the reality kicking in. Slowing down is not a common topic among competitive young athletes, they have this perception that they can achieve better if they put in more and more work, not until their body unknowingly betrays them and eventually gives up.

Day 96: Know when to STOP or Slow Down…

Ever wondered how your life would turn out if you upgrade yourself continuously?

In this high-technology era wherein all information can basically be found at our fingertips, one important thing to do is to take advantage of what it has to offer – unlimited ideas and knowledge to upgrade yourself and become a better version of you.

Whether in professional or personal life, one thing to keep in mind is to never cease to develop new skills and acquire a habit, and by that, it is practically pushing yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

So go ahead, learn a new language, read as many books, take time to study computers, be part of social media, learn crafts, join in different sports.

Everything is limitless as well as what you can do.

We are only as good as our last minute. There is more work to be done.

Join Coach Nate as he shares his take on continuing to strive up, show up, and flourish one’s self.

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“Today is not the day and we are going to live to see another day.”

“I have done this enough to know how I should feel at a certain point of a race and I can tell that it was not my day.”

Coach Nate