One Leadership Tip: Day 9: Giving a shit and being in tune

Day 9: Giving a shit and being in tune

Happy Veterans Day to our Vets.

Thank a Vet everyday you get the opportunity for all they have done and sacrificed.

Well I survived the 3-day 6th grade torture chamber…barely

It was great to see the world through a sixth grader for 3 days and served at quite the reminder of our lives.

How fast it goes.

How difficult it can be for some and not for others.

Gives entire new respect for our teachers.

I could go on but it was an awesome social experiment and created an experience with my daughter that she will no doubt always remember as will I.

Here’s your ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Couple of things actually.

One: the more observant and in tune you are with your people the more you can serve them individually which raises the level of performance collectively.

Two: thank you people everyday not just one day a year. Make you people feel appreciated each and everyday. Why, because you give a shit but only if you actually truly give a shit.

That’s it for today Big Shoots
Coach Nate