One Leadership Tip: Day 89: Going in the Wrong Direction…Turn AROUND

Going in the Wrong Direction…Turn AROUND

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Day 89: Going in the Wrong Direction…Turn AROUND

How often do you experience taking a path while traveling and realize long after that you are in the wrong direction?

With the advancement of technology and the creation of Google Maps, we rarely encounter such problems nowadays, but way back when paper maps were our guide this problem happened more often than not.

And with such, you have this tough decision to face- turn around and get right back to the path that will take you to where you actually want to go.

A tough choice but a right choice.

Our life is a long journey and sometimes we get lost and travel in the wrong direction but that does not necessarily mean we have to stay on that path. More frequently we use excuses of not having time to slow down and figure out things.

But there are choices to make. Choices that will either make you or break you.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about his experience in land navigation in Surviving Mann and how it practically applies to our everyday lives!

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“There are steps that you have to do every single day, it just required certain steps and a certain amount of time or experience that is needed depending on what it is that you are going after, so don’t think that is just happened overnight but you can get on the correct path overnight by simply slowing down.”

“Think about some of the actions and the habits you have that are in direct conflict with the things that you say that you want.”

Coach Nate