One Leadership Tip: Day 82: Get Rid of EVERYTHING that causes you Pain

Get Rid of EVERYTHING that causes you Pain

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Day 82: Get Rid of EVERYTHING that causes you Pain

How do you deal with pain?
Do you steer away with it? Or face it head on, and do something that will strategically remove it (the pain) causing you to become stagnant emotionally, mentally and physically.
Every person manages pain differently but it does not mean that there are no remedies nor can it be removed from your life.
In this episode, Coach Nate Bailey will challenge us to explore the reasons behind what stops you from producing incredible results and gives you powerful tips to help you go forward and create an incredible lifestyle.
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“Too many of us want to become leaders of others without leading ourselves.”
“It takes work, it takes time but it does also take a commitment to take a stand to plant a flag in the ground and say no more I am not going to do this anymore.”
“If you are committed to the things that are causing you pain there’s no reason that you couldn’t flip the switch and commit to things that would create power for you inside of your life.”
“You may have been trained, taught, educated, and led by example to a life of vices from a very, very young and early age and it’s going to make it that much more difficult to get out of it.”
Coach Nate