One Leadership Tip: Day 79: 5-Day Water Fast

Day 79: 5-Day Water Fast

Finishing up a 5 Day water fast today.
This is the third time I’ve completed a 5 Day water only fast for each of the past 3 years.
There are some incredible benefits to the 5 day fast.
Autophagy is a process where your body’s cells clean out any unnecessary or damaged components.
Its an incredible process that your body goes through, but I like the mental aspect of a 5 day fast more than anything.

It’s not natural for us to not eat, since we are so used to eating daily and often.

The mind shift you have during this fast is incredible and there is a realization that we really don’t need to eat nearly as often or as much as most of us have programmed ourselves to do.
During the week I’ve still worked out and made sure to get in an average of about 15,000 steps each day as well.
Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:
As leaders, we often are looked to for a mindset that is strong and battled tested.  A mindset that is forged in fire if you will.
We are who is looked to and how we will respond in difficult situations.
Now, I’m not saying you need to go and do a 5 day fast although I do know it is very beneficial.
However, I am saying that as leaders part of our responsibility is to do difficult things, not for the sake of doing difficult things or so that you can pound your chest and say look at me.
It’s easy to lead when things are smooth.  But we all know adversity will come and you must as the leader have the mindset to handle the difficult and challenging times that WILL come.
Doing the difficult and living a disciplined life is a must to help forge that type of mindset.

That’s all I’ve got for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate