One Leadership Tip: Day 78: You don’t SEEK pain because you SEE it as PAIN!

Day 78: You don’t SEEK pain because you SEE it as PAIN!

We don’t seek pain because we see it as pain.
From the beginning of time, we have spent nearly our entire existence avoiding pain, through innovation and sedation.
We were cold so we built fire
We were tired of hauling heavy things so we create the wheel
All the way to self-driving cars, computers, AI, and whatever else is coming that we can’t even see yet.
Innovation is great but it also made many of us soft.
The mindset required to survive even a couple of decades ago let alone a couple 100 years ago isn’t necessary today and so most have given into the comfort, continued to avoid the pain, and settle.
We have to go through the pain to get the prize or the life we want.
But we’ve been trained taught and educated to avoid pain.  So what do we do?
This is your ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:
Quit looking at it as pain and view it as power.  Seek the hard and difficult things that will give you the power to create what it is you want.
We are attracted to power and repelled by pain.  So seek power, not pain.

As leaders, how do you shift your message and lead your life personally to exude a life of power that in turn gives you powerful results?

That’s all I’ve got for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate