One Leadership Tip: Day 76: Finding the Right People

Day 76: Finding the Right People

At the airport ready to take off for Jacksonville and our CLC Mastermind with some good characters.

We will be doing a 15k Tough Mudder together on Saturday.

There’s just something about getting a group of men together, connecting, doing life, and having great experiences that just makes life feel right.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Life is not meant to be done alone and finding the right people to be on your team makes life that much more enjoyable.

The difficult times will come but having some into the left and to the right that you know you can count on no matter what makes no situation feel overwhelming.

As leaders, it’s up to us to find those people and fit them in where they belong to make it all go.

That’s all for today Big Shoots!
Coach Nate