One Leadership Tip: Day 75: Be Prepared

Day 75: Be Prepared

Just booked a speaking engagement for Monday in WI.

Got the email to see if I was available, and a confirmation that I was locked in for the gig an hour later.

This morning I was on the phone with the managers of the company to get a feel for the audience and what they are looking for from me.

It’s a payoff where the table has been set for a long time before the guests started to arrive.

I was in the queue for over three years with nothing booked, but I continued to prepare and grow and seek out my own opportunities in the meantime.

Slowly over time, things started to happen.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

If you just sit and wait, you may get an opportunity here and there but will you be prepared.

A while back watching the Last Dance series about the 97 Bulls with Jordan, and MJ said he was never afraid of the big moment.

He made some of the most clutch plays in the biggest moments throughout his career just like he did in the Finals that year.

What he actually said was “work ethic eliminates fear” and he had an unmatched work ethic.

He knew the big moments would come but he didn’t just sit and wait, he prepared for when they Wally’s come.

That is Championship Leadership

Coach Nate