One Leadership Tip: Day 68: Time to Prepare and Perform

Day 68: Time to Prepare and Perform

I’ll be in Marshall, MN to speak about leadership to the teachers and staff or their high school today.

I am excited for the opportunity.

I speak from 2-3. The only thing standing between their weekend will be me.

What could possibly go wrong

Which brings me to today’s ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Just as most of us watched the Super Bowl this past weekend.

The two teams on the world stage had zero time to prepare once the game kicked off.

The work and preparation had been done and done at the highest level by LA and Cincy.

As Leaders, we have time to prepare and time to perform.

Our preparedness will tell the story in our performance.

Today my time to prepare is over and my performance will tell my story of preparation.

I look forward to the opportunity.

That’s all I’ve got for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate