One Leadership Tip: Day 66: Connection

Day 66: Connection

A big part of me for life is all about connection.

Doing life with others.

Experiencing life and making memories with others is what I love.

When you’ve got the right people in your life things just seem to click and feel better.

One of the biggest reasons I created ULW Experience was selfishly to surround myself with others that I want to do life with.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

We all have heard life is short and for some or many we’ve experienced life’s shortness first hand.

Fewer have taken that mindset or experience and truly applied it, making the most of today.

ULW Experience, 100-mile runs, stand-up comedy, children’s games, family vacations you name it are nothing without the people you do then with.

I don’t mind spending time with myself and often I prefer it, but as leaders, we can’t go it alone.

We need others to connect with to help us all get where we want to go.

ULW Experience April 11-14 in Nashville is an opportunity to connect with me and others to continue taking life to the next level as a leader.

Connect with:

Mitch Miller the Marketing Jesus coming out of a 2-year hiatus to create massive value for the select 20 in attendance.

Michael Lush of Replace Your University will show you how to change your financial legacy generationally.

Paul Halme will be back to build upon your financial investing strategies.

Dave Albin will shift your mindset with our world-class rebirth ceremony from the ashes forged in the fire.

Unfortunately for most this experience is invite-only.

If you know any of the above or a ULW grad, hit them up to see if you can get one of their select few invitations.

That’s all I’ve got today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate