One Leadership Tip: Day 64: Big Announcement

Day 64: Big Announcement

Big Announcement

That sounds kind of fancy and cryptic but it definitely is a big shift in what I’m doing with our ULW Experience and how I’ll be promoting/not promoting it into the future.

Before that and also a big announcement of its own, we’ve got Mitch Miller coming out of Quarantine for the first time in over two years to be a speaker at the upcoming April 11-14 ULW.

Couldn’t be more excited for the 20 VIP attendees to learn from Mitch.

Bummer of it is and which brings me back to the top of this post is, most likely you won’t be able to attend.

ULW Experience moving forward is a Private Event.

The ONLY way in is through a very special and private invitation available only through the various speakers and graduates of the first 5 ULW classes over the past year.

Each grad with a very limited 2 invitations each.

We’ve created something incredibly special in ULW and that is why we protect it as such.

You want to be a part of a very special leadership society up to big things and making an impact for the better in our world, God knows we need more people like that, then hopefully you have a good relationship with someone that has come before you inside ULW.

So you may be asking why even post about an experience that you most likely will not be able to attend?

Fair question…

I still want to make a large positive impact and to continue to give back, so as we continue to run our Private ULW Experience I will continue to drop tidbits of the experience and snippets of the trainings that will offer significance to those that are not ever able to attend in person.
Coach Nate