One Leadership Tip: Day 6: It’s all about the people…

Day 6: It’s all about the people…

The Packers drafted their heir apparent to Rodgers at QB a few years ago in Jordan Love.

It’s led to almost losing the best QB arguably on the planet this past offseason because he didn’t feel wanted.

He felt after all he had done for the organization like they cared less about the person and the accomplishments and more about black and white business decisions.

A small sample size yesterday, when Love had his first start while Rodgers was out with Covid. However, that sample size shows what a difference the position of QB is to a team and how talented and gifted Rodgers is as Love struggled mightily and showed the gap between professional caliber and Hall of Fame talent.

Which brings me to our ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

As a leader, you must remember it’s ALL about your people.

It’s relationships. If your team has trust and respect for you as the leader because they’ve grown to know that you have all their backs.

You would do anything for them, and never for a second take them for granted.

The moment a leader starts to believe that it’s more about them and that they are what moves the train down the tracks is the moment you’ve lost the people that helped get you there.

That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate