One Leadership Tip: Day 59: Alignment, Assignment & Adjustments

Day 59: Alignment, Assignment & Adjustments

Keeping your head down and focused on what is in front of you seems to be an incredible challenge for us all these days.

I think those that are able to keep that presence on themselves and those closest the best.  Especially in an age where we are pulled so hard in so many different directions.


I believe the ones that are the most content these days and not frantic and scattered are something we all could take note of.

Mental health, depression, anxiety are very top of mind conversations and in a way very not taboo topics compared to our past and I believe heavily contributed to always wanting more, never feeling enough, comparing to everyone else via socials, and not being happy with where we are right here right now.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

I was thinking of a conversation on my podcast a couple of years back with Alex Molden a former First Round draft pick in the NFL.

He talked about his experience playing at the highest levels and how important alignment, assignment, and adjustments were to succeed in the NFL.

I believe the same is true for Championship Leaders.

They all go hand in hand and are constantly flowing in everything we do.

You can be aligned correctly but if you don’t know your assignment or your people are not clear on their assignment nothing will go right.

We can be perfectly aligned and locked in on our assignment, but what worked yesterday may not work today and adjustments will constantly need to shift.

As our culture, world, industry, climate change, those that have their finger in the pulse will always be keyed into alignment, assignment, and adjustments as an ever-flowing process.

That’s all I’ve got for today big shoots!

Coach Nate