One Leadership Tip: Day 58: Leaders Lead

Day 58: Leaders Lead

Putting yourself out there no matter the arena is always uncomfortable especially in the beginning.

But it is also exciting and where all the growth happens.

I haven’t always put myself out there and have missed out on many opportunities and experience because of it.

This entire past week has been full of me and Jake McCloud putting ourselves out there.

Which brings me to my ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Championship leaders are consistently pushing the envelope. Leading from the front and being the example of the standards they expect from the team.

Being uncomfortable is a part of the job. With the goal to make whatever is currently uncomfortable become comfortable.

Many because of past experiences or how they were raised or limits they’ve allowed to be placed on them will never reach the place of discomfort.

Not because they wouldn’t like to feel the excitement of pushing themselves and experiencing something different and great but because they can’t see themselves in a way that makes them feel like it’s possible for them.

My word of encouragement would be to give yourself a chance and a shot and start with something small.

We are all leaders and taking that first small step to do the thing you haven’t had the courage yet to do will become a huge step towards continuing down that path of growth and the feeling that comes with it if living life versus just being a passenger in it.

That’s all I’ve got for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate