One Leadership Tip: Day 56: Eliminate Your Fear

Day 56: Eliminate Your Fear

Fear is something that I think we are definitely all familiar with and is definitely a message that we are constantly barraged with from all angles especially from our media.
It’s something hardwired within us to keep us safe and to ensure that our human race survives from the beginning of time.
This is not a post to charge you up about how to conquer your fears or to stand up to your fears and spit in their face.
Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:
It is a message about some of the greatest performers and needle movers to walk this earth.
No one is immune to it. Most that say they have no fear, are probably some of the most fearful out there.  Which completely off-topic kinda, remember the apparel brand No Fear? They hit the home run on this topic and took advantage of it.
As a leader and individual one way to eliminate or significantly tone down fear is with consistent intentional work ethic.
Want your team to operate at the highest levels when the pressure is at its highest levels?  Create an environment and culture where the work ethic of all is unmatched.
We all know that starts with you, and trickles down to all levels.  Competition within creates work ethic.  Being the ultimate example of this high work ethic allows your team, org to eliminate fear which ultimately allows you to perform at the highest when it all matters.
It’s the reason Jordan never lost an NBA Finals series.  His work ethic and consistency in preparation set him up to never allow the moment to be bigger than him or his team.

That’s all I have for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate