One Leadership Tip: Day 51: Adversity and Challenge

Day 51: Adversity and Challenge

We’ve all been dealing with a good amount on our theoretical plates and we will continue to do so, I kind of think that really is just part of life and always will be.

At some times the plate is heaping and spilling over and at other times it’s not so overwhelming.

All we can do is deal with it as best we can no matter what.

Which brings me to my ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

In leadership often times the toughest situations we are faced with end up being the greatest lessons for us to learn from and grow with.

When you take a look at elite operating teams/organizations, whether that is in the military, professional sports, business they will all tell you the importance of preparation and training.

They will do all they can to simulate real-life or game scenarios to make sure that they are as prepared as they can be when it is time for the real-life scenarios to play out.

The reality is that there just isn’t any substitute for the real deal and when we as leaders are in the fire and under pressure, that is often how we are forged.

We rely on our past experiences and our training. However, whenever you listen to an interview or speak with a true championship leader.

They are asked what the moments are that molded them into the leaders that they are today, and the response is only almost 100% of the time, the moments of the greatest adversity and challenge.
That’s all I’ve got for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate